Stories from 150 years of subtropical style in the'Sunshine State'

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Madeleine + Nadia

Dr Nadia Buick and Madeleine King are curators and researchers based in Brisbane, Australia, and the editors of Remotely Fashionable: a Story of Subtropical Style. Their collaborative research and cultural projects make new connections between fashion, time and place. They established the online journal and curatorial outfit The Fashion Archives in 2012, examining the past and present of fashion in their home state of Queensland. Buick and King were awarded the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Fellowship in 2014 for their project High Street Histories.


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Original, eclectic, and occasionally eccentric, Remotely Fashionable: A Story of Subtropical Style is the refreshing sartorial history of a place that fashion forgot: Queensland, Australia. This anthology weaves together 150 years of style in the 'Sunshine State', where flapper frocks were unfashionably long but mid-century beachwear was scandalously brief. Featuring new essays and profiles that are richly illustrated with archival images curated from public and private collections, this unique fashion book proves that Paris, London, and Milan aren't the world's only style capitals.

High Street Histories

Meet the dressmakers, tailors, boutiques, and department stores that made up the forgotten fashion destinations of Australia’s subtropics. Original research reveals a high street that once looked very different to the one we know today.

TFA Journal

What is subtropical style? Dig through the hundreds of incredible photographs, stories, and garments we’ve unearthed in TFA Journal to find out! Our first 12 issues feature over 50 designers, stylists, curators, artists, historians, and collectors.