Interior of Finney Isles department store, Brisbane, 1910. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Neg: 110549

Queensland Fashion: Part Two

Margaret Maynard

In her second instalment, Margaret Maynard explains why Queensland settlers chose not to suffer the tropical heat in European garb.

Illustrated front cover from The Queenslander, 1929 (detail)

Queensland Fashion: Part Three

Margaret Maynard

The 20th century was a time of change in fashion, and Queensland was no different. Margaret’s final essay tackles the 20s to the 60s in scintillating style.

Perspex brooch, ca. 1939-1945 (MacArthur Museum, detail)

MacArthur Museum

Stories of romance, thrift and innovation unfold through five wartime pieces taken from Brisbane’s MacArthur Museum.

RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) Perspex Sweetheart Brooch, ca. 1939-1945, (MacArthur Museum Collection), detail

Nadine Cameron and MacArthur Museum

Artist and jeweller Nadine Cameron has a heart-felt response to some children’s nametags and sweetheart brooches from World War II.

Nadine Cameron, 2013

Nadine Cameron

Nadine Cameron explains why the street is a stage when it comes to personal style.

Liz Golding, 2013

Liz Golding

Liz Golding was a stylist before the term ever really existed! Here she reveals what those early days were really like…

Paula Dunlop in her studio with her assistant Wendall, 2013

Paula Dunlop

Dressmaker Paula Dunlop explains why Queensland style would be so much better if men started wearing skirts.

Lisa Enright with her ‘shop assistant’ Bazil the beagle

Lisa Enright

Vintage boutique-owner Lisa Enright looks at Queensland’s obsession with colour from the perspective of a southerner.

Miss Scott, Afternoon dress ca. 1878 (front detail)

Miss Scott

Miss Scott was one of the leading names in Queensland dressmaking, creating exquisite gowns for society ladies in late Victorian Brisbane.

Suffragette Scarf, (dale spender collection)

dale spender

Prominent feminist author dale spender reveals why her style has been more influenced by the suffragettes than Dior or Valentino.

Canecutters, Ayr, North Queensland, 1907

North Queensland

TFA’s People & Places is your road-map to the key sites, figures, and scenes that have shaped fashion in Queensland from the late 19th century onwards. In Issue Two we take you to North Queensland.