The Fashion Archives Co-Directors Madeleine King (above) and Nadia Buick (below)

The Fashion Archives is an online publication created by Madeleine King and Nadia Buick that reveals the untold story of Queensland fashion. The Fashion Archives is the destination for original, curated and commissioned content from some of the state’s most illustrious collections, designers, artists, historians and industry leaders.

The Fashion Archives gives you unprecedented access to museum storerooms, library archives, historic houses, artists’ and designers’ studios, private wardrobes, and personal stories.

New and original content will help you discover places, people, objects and histories you’ve never encountered, and our specially crafted features let you rediscover familiar sights and fond memories. The old is made new by contemporary designers and writers looking to reimagine Queensland’s fashion heritage.

The Fashion Archives asks: does Queensland have a distinctive style?

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