Kimberly Gardner

Kimberly Gardner is a Brisbane-based stylist who has been working in the local industry for over 15 years. She is currently Fashion Editor for the Courier Mail's Q Weekend publication, and in addition, works closely with a range of clients such as Queens Plaza, the Myer Centre, and David Jones.

How do you define the role of a stylist?

Playing dress ups every day of my life! Listening to the client and drawing inspiration from life.

How important has the local industry been to your success, and how have you seen it change in the 15 years that you have been working in your role?

Very important, I started in Brisbane as an assistant to Robin Murphy at David Jones and grew nationally within 6 – 8 months. The biggest change I’ve observed has been photographic. The process is much more relaxed as we are now spoilt with digital technology. Once upon a time, you had to wait for the photos to be developed, but not anymore. And, now absolutely everyone in the world is a blogger, you scarcely leave the house without someone’s opinion on the fashion industry. Some are interesting. Remember there is always a fashion week somewhere!

Tell us how you came to be interested in fashion…

I grew up on a cattle property and we dressed for every occasion, going to town, going to the races, going to a rodeo, tennis etc.; a different outfit for each. My mother and grandmothers would also dress beautifully and it’s their dignity, fortitude, and grounded nature that shined through the brightest of all. At the age of 9, I went to boarding school and wore a uniform 99% of the time. After school I would fantasise over copies of Vogue and dream of the day I could dress in the beautiful pieces.

Where do you look for inspiration on matters of style?

Italian Vogue: I can always find fantasy in their fashion spreads. I look at for coverage of the fashion shows, and the wonderful street style shots taken by Tommy Ton. As a child we only had one channel on Television, the ABC,  so I watched endless old movies, another great inspiration! And I don’t have an ‘off’ switch – I am always looking for a new location, talent, or designer.

What is your most treasured dress-related object or memory?

The classic Cartier Tank watch my husband bought for me after our first child was born.

Give us three words, people or places you associate with Queensland fashion…

Individual, quiet confidence

Is there such a thing as a distinct Queensland style?

Yes, I think it is a ‘fashionably free spirited’ style.

Kimberly Gardner for the Myer Centre, 2013
Kimberly Gardner for the Myer Centre, 2013
Kimberly Gardner with Ben O'Connor and Joshua Jones, 2013
Kimberly Gardner with Ben O'Connor and Joshua Jones, 2013photograph courtesy of Mary Dickinson
Kimberly Gardner photographed for Your Ensemble, 2013
Kimberly Gardner photographed for Your Ensemble, 2013

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